Electric Motors

Electric Motors

Our functional electric motor installation process combines experience and professionalism to give you an operational motor that powers a gate effortlessly. We save power, and we use quality materials to deliver the job, done to perfection. Booking for an electric motor installation process is easy! From the moment you contact us for the installation to the point that the installation is completed.


With knowledge of the technology behind the product we are able to provide a uniquely precise service. Our electric gates have please both corporate companies and private homes alike, for us the pleasure comes from completing the project successfully. The gear rotates upon a drive shaft which in turn pulls an arm attached to the gate via a universal joint. The gate must be designed to last a really long time making sure that you save your money, so that is why at Penilat we are ensuring that we make use of quality materials coupled together with master engineering capabilities to install the gate that will keep your company and your private residence secure.

The speed of an electric gate is always taken into account swell and this may honestly be the most neglected topic in installations of electric gate, we take the time to understand the exact purpose of the gate in order to adjust its pace accordingly and to fit in sensors that will protect your vehicle from damage and persons from harm.

This is how electric gate motors function:
The majority of automatic gates use integrated security systems to access control. There is an electric motor with AC or DC which turns through an oil cooled gearbox which gives power to the drive cog which in turn drives the gate along its path the steel rack.

The power of the automatic gate motors is determined by the RPM and reduction ratio of the gearbox.

Swing motors work on the same RPM and gear ratio idea, but most work on a ring gear formula as opposed to an oil reduction box.