Electric Fence


Electric Fence

Electric fence

Our electric fence installations are accurate: the electric fence achieves its function which is to keep the residents of the property safe. We use precise measurements to craft a fence that is the correct length and breadth and fits your parameter perfectly. The Penilat fence complies with industry safety standards. The fence is designed to last using A-grade synthetic cord which has metal conjoined through it and joined to a steel post with an added plastic insulator. Our electric fences are up to industry standard and they are highly in demand.

The electric fence showcases our passion for proper security aligned with real life effectiveness-our fences actually do keep out criminals. We conducted a survey using our past clients we visited each home which we had installed our electric fence into, 100% of the candidates interviewed said that they had not experienced a house break-in and 90% of them said that they have recommended they’re neighbors, close friends to install our system. Those who referred us were rewarded with a cash reward of-course because we like to take good care of those who go the extra mile to take care of us.

Affordability is taken into account, we know that security is a large industry in South Africa and all around the world, because simply put everyone wants to be safe and almost everyone is willing to pay for it. As a result of the aforementioned, a lot of security companies like to take advantage of this demand for peace of mind and they overcharge because they know you need to keep yourself including your loved ones safe. At Penilat we keep things safe and affordable at the same time. We are experienced and well recognized by our client base so we are able to get things done in a timely manner yet in a safe unrushed and uncompromised manner. The way we do things is different from how our competitors do things: our competitors like to rush things and get things done for the sake of speed.

Here are a few precautions for your own safety ounce you have installed your fence: (We take all of these precautions into consideration when installing your fence, so you can rest assured in knowing that this is pre-done for you. 

  • During winter make sure that you loosen your wire or else it will contract and this could mess up your wiring lines.
  • During installation the wire should never be tightened- only the slack should be taken out, this is a precaution which we take so you can rest assured this is pre-done for you.
  • Keep cattle that have not been trained to an electric fence away because there is the risk of the cattle running through the fence.
  • Barbwire must not be installed in combination with electrical wire
  • When connecting ground rods to a fencer copper wire is never used because the two materials corrode when interacting with one another.
  • Robbing supplies should be of the highest quality because low-quality robbing supplies must be replaced often and this will quickly make your wallet and you upset.
  • An audible alarm and strobe light is a good addition to provide a warning when fence is tempered with.
  • It is great practice to link the fence to your designated security company so that it can alert them of intrusion.

Electrical fences are a highly effective way of warding off intruders, a tiny amount almost none of the intruders out there are brave enough to stand up to an electrical fence or risk getting shocked if they do get shocked the first time they will not want to subject themselves to such pain and discomfort again! Consider an intruder who has been hit by an electrical fence somewhere else before, will he be brave enough to try again? Probably not.