CCTV System


CCTV System Installation

We are brilliant at installing systems that add safety to your environment. Our CCTV installation uses metrics to determine the best strategic location to place the camera – the precise angle with which to catch any unauthorized persons and also to capture useful footage about a vehicle accident or emergency life-threatening situation so that you may assist the police or any medical staff. We add safety to your environment by installing systems. Our DVR systems and cameras are the ultimate choices. We also have optional training as an additional feature to have a technician show you how our system functions.

Closed circuit television is not publicly broadcast-instead CCTV signals from security cameras are sent to private monitors for surveillance. At Penilat we know how to install CCTV cameras for private residences and for businesses.
CCTV cameras prevent theft and keep your company and home safe.

At Penilat we strategically place your cameras ineffective zones for both your home and your business. It’s good practice to have the cameras trained on entrances and exits as well as areas containing valuables. Upscale neighborhoods often fit their cameras into their entrances and backyards. Home surveillance systems reduce stress and provide peace of mind for home and business owners alike. Many of our customers decide to install visible and hidden cameras for maximum security. Visible cameras deter shoplifting by letting people know they’re being watched. Hidden cameras, on the otherhand, are great for capturing footage of people who try to hide their faces from the cameras. Employees are a risk that companies are becoming more and more aware of, these cctv cameras keep you safe from such atrocities such as employee theft, and educates you on which of your workers are trustworthy and honest. In retail employee theft is particularly prevalent and is known as inventory shrinkage.

The closed circuit tv consists of 4 parts: the camera, lens, cables and monitor. Your CCTV cameras communicate with monitors using wireless communication links or private coaxial cable runs, and this is what makes them “closed circuit” in that no one will know how to access your surveillance footage. Modern day CCTV cameras are now in high resolution, unlike the grainy unclear black and white footage of the past. The footage is recorded on videotape or DVR. There are special CCTV cameras that allow you to zoom in and track movement. The type of lens you use is what determines if you can zoom in or not.

Who make use of CCTV cameras?

These cameras can be used by private residences as well as commercial properties. Multiple businesses such as airports, hospitals and banking companies will need security cameras in order to keep record of activities. These CCTV systems are capable of handling more than two cameras, and this comes handy if you have to secure a larger area.

The primary use of CCTV cameras is to ward of criminal activities from taking place, but they are highly effective for solving crimes ounce they have already taken place a good example being after a break-in, or after a car accident. You can provide this evidence to the police for evidence when you file a report to help identify suspects. Home camera systems installed by Penilat can capture suspicious behavior as well, such as a suspicious individual who spends a lot of time near your residence or company. It is always wise to report suspicious activity in advance to protect yourself and your family from the worst.

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