Access Control


Access Control

Security is a major topic of any industry today, why should you be left behind? At Penilat our access control systems allow you to be safe from persons whom you do not want at your premises. Access control allows you to choose who gets to enter your building or not when we install electrical devices that have scanning sensors to check finger prints and eye-recognition systems to scan retina and decide if the person deserves access. 

We can give geographical access control which can be handled by staff with a device called a turnstile. Fences help to avoid circumventing access control. Alternatively, access control can be thought of as a system of giving authorization to the correct persons. 

With access control, you are restricting access to a room, property, private residence or a restricted area. Access can be grant through keys, codes, retinal scans, body scans, and many more such as mantrap. 


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At Penilat we realize that the topic of access control is a matter of ‘who? what? when?’ Access control systems determine who gets access to enter or exit the premises, where they can enter or exit, and when they are allowed to enter or exit. There was a time when this was achieved through keys and locks. If the door is locked only someone possessing the key can enter through the particular door, this all depends on how the lock is configured. Mechanical keys and locks don’t allow restriction of the key holder to designated entry times or dates. These locks (mechanical) don’t even provide protection from being easily copied or transferred to an unauthorized person. The added inconvenience here is that if the keys are lost the locks have to be rekeyed.