Controlling Fence Alarms

The Nemtek tension wire system measures tension changes on the fence wire in a particular direction and will set off an alarm if there is a threat of intrusion.

The tension wire sensors will set off an alarm if the wires are cut or if there is an attempt to part the wires in order to gain entry. Each sensor is placed in the middle of a straight run and can detect up to a 100m span of wires. The tension wire system can be combined with an electric fence system. The combination of taut wires and a monitored electric fencing system creates a formidable detection and deterring barrier.

• The tension wire sensor can detect a rapid change of tension and send an alarm condition to the controller 
• Built-in filter to reduce unwanted false alarms due to weather conditions and changes in tension over time 
• Will notify the controller if an adjustment is required on the sensor 
• Can be programmed from the controller 
• Dummy sensor can be used to reduce costs. They look like a normal taut wire sensor


UV stabilised polymers 
Stainless steel mountings and fasteners are included with the sensor 

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